A Psalm of Longing

Oh my Lord, my Father, my God,
Thy kingdom cannot come too soon.
For I await with feet well shod
And will till you return, my God,
Wait by the flow of sun and moon.

I long for the day when all of yours
Are perfected in the bodies you've made,
With pain, sorrow, sin no more
In love with work and never sore,
Enjoying the beauty of plying a spade.

Seeing your face in the form of your Son
Love will flow naturally toward you
From those made perfect and in unison
Worshipping you and the Incarnate One
Who went before us to prepare a room.

Please give, O Lord of heaven and earth
The patience to wait and worship you
While living in a world filled with hurt
And sriving to live a life of worth
Knowing you are waiting for us, too.