New Abstract Portrait

I recently did a graphite and white charcoal portrait on 9×12 toned paper.  I was not happy with it, so I decided to try using pastel to abtract the portrait.  It was fun, but did not turn out how I had envisioned it.  So, I scanned it into the computer and, using PaintShopPro, digitally altered it.  I love it!  That is almost exactly how I wanted it to look.  I would love to do that with paint.  I will definitely try it, soon.

Coquette Side Eye thumbnail

When you look at my art pages, to see a piece up close, you must click on the individual picture.  Then, in the new page, you must either click on the picture again or scroll down a little bit and click on the words “to view full size”, etc.  The small versions are not clear and sometimes too dark.

If you are having trouble seeing them clearly, please contact me.



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