Thoughtful Kitty

I found this photo of a kitten and thought I would do it in pastel, but I changed my mind.  I decided to experiment with charcoal, because I was thinking of doing a charcoal portrait of someone and didn’t want to ruin the portrait.  I have the hardest time doing a portrait over if it doesn’t work out the first time.  Actually, I DON”T do a portrait over.  I have one chance to get it at least acceptable.  LOL!  So, I started with charcoal and when it came to the white charcoal, I found that all I had left was a little stub of white charcoal.  I could have sworn I had a couple of extras, but I could not find any!  So, I used a little bit of white pastel.  It showed up whiter, anyway.  As I went along, I thought I would use just a little off-white pastel and the next thing you know pastel dust is flying all around me!  I really, really do not like charcoal, except for the white.  But, anyway, I like how the kitty turned out.

Thoughtful Kitty
Thoughtful Kitty


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