Purple Urn and Lemons

I was inspired by Jane ( www.paintingwithjane.com ) to do a still life.  She made her beautiful painting with acrylics.  I was going to do the same, but, of course, once I get into the studio, my mind goes and I don’t know what I am going to do until it is over.  LOL!  So, I did a still life, from imagination, with pastels on 12×16 white pastel paper.  I do not like using white paper for anything, but I get my pastel paper in pads that come with a variety of colors, including white, so I have to use it at some time…  I scanned it in and had to “sew” it together in PaintShopPro and, for some reason, this time I could not get rid of the seam.  I played around with it and I really like the digital version.  You can decide which one you like better.  Neither one looks exactly like the original, but all three are very nice, I think.  I like it, anyway.

Purple Urn and Lemons 1
Plain scan with an attempt to cover the seam.
Purple Urn and Lemons 2
The above with digital enhancement.  I like this one better.  🙂


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