Elisabeth Vigee Le Brun

I have been fascinated by the artist Elisabeth Vigee Le Brun for the last couple of weeks and I adore her paintings.

“Self-portrait with her daughter Julie”  by Elisabeth Vigee Le Brun 1786

She was court painter for Marie Antoinette until the French Revolution at which time she escaped France and Marie met her terrible fate at the guillotine.  I just listened to a fascinating podcast at ArtcuriousPodcast.com about her and also a podcast about LeBrun and another woman artist of the same time and place, Adelaide Labille-Guiard.  Fascinating women!

Le Brun’s memoirs are available online.  I have not read them, yet, but I am looking forward to it.  Especially if I can find them in audio.  It would be neat to listen to them while working on my own art.

Here are some of works for you to enjoy.  You can find them easily online.

“Marie Antoinette and Her Children” by Elisabeth Vigee Le Brun 1787
“Etienne Vigee” by Elisabeth Vigee Le Brun (the artist’s brother) 1773

Beautiful stuff, eh?


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