Coloring Books

I have been coloring in coloring books ever since I can remember and I didn’t stop and then start back up when the “adult” coloring books became popular.  I love color and when I am tired or insecure in my art I break out a coloring book or even just make a simple line drawing and color it.

This little picture was a quickie for a friend who has just had colon cancer surgery and I hope it is cheerful enough for him.  It is not my original drawing, it is from a coloring book, but I can’t remember which one.  LOL!  I have not had time for any serious art, but I have plans rolling around in my head.  I will try to start it tomorrow.




4 thoughts on “Coloring Books

  1. Beautiful job, Ginny. Love how you shaded around the “candy box” to make it stand out. And the shading on the flower petals…and the streamers coming from the background. Amazing that you were able to find the “bottom of the box” in that conglomeration. I’m sure your friend would appreciate it very much. It reminds me of coloring paper doilies when I was a kid. Precious memories. Elmer

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