Another attempt at an abstract.  LOL!  I watched a video on geometric abstracts and immediately wanted to make a HUGE painting for my wall, but after a little while, I decided to just use some colored pencils and marker on paper and see what happened.  I like it.  I think all the little trinity symbols are a bit much (they actually look like butterflies or gnats), but that is why I did it on paper.  So that if I mess up, it is no big deal.


I think I like this part the most and I think it is rather nifty when cropped out of the whole:

Trinity cropped

After I was finished and I was signing the back, I found myself with thoughts I had to write down:

Why did I make this?

Because God is everywhere.

He is colorful and beautiful.

He is love and mercy.

He is wrath and justice.

He is the Creator and Judge.

He is the Redeemer and Father.

He is to be feared and obeyed.

He is to be loved and enjoyed.

If you don’t believe, you will be afraid.

If you believe, you will not be afraid.

Believe and be saved.

There is no other way, but by Jesus, the Father, and the Holy Spirit:

The Trinity.


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