Bumpy Road

Well, my intention was to make a larger copy of my earlier “Trinity” abstract, but when I got going, things just happened the way they wanted to happen.  I also got enamored of textures and applied little glass beads in the red, among other things.  I have included a couple of close-ups to try to show you the texture.  It is because of that texture that I am calling this “Bumpy Road”.

Trinity Two

Trinity Two a

Trinity Two b

Below is a photo I took this morning of the beautiful sky over the chicken coop:


“Red sky in morning, sailors take warning.
Red sky at night, sailors delight.”

— Anonymous



5 thoughts on “Bumpy Road

  1. Hey Sweet Girl.
    I have been coming back to look at your abstract picture every day several times. Trying to decide what I think of it.
    It is so far from what I am use to seeing from you that I am kinda stumped.
    It is very pretty but I have a hard time seeing you doing it.
    Kinda silly, huh ?
    But I have decided that I just never thought of all the dementions of your talent.
    You keep showing me more.
    I love you .

  2. Hey, I agree with Mr. Beloved, the texture thing is popping for me. I am not an abstract fan, but the texture deepens it for me, makes it more real. Life has texture. 🙂

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