Newark Earthworks

Toby the Wonder Dog and I stopped at the Newark Earthworks Park in Heath, Ohio, on Monday.  I have decided to use photography as an excuse to get out and move, which I have been doing less and less of and suffering because of it.  Drawing and Painting do not lend themselves to great physical activity and it becomes very easy to become a total slug, at least for me, because I am slug to the bone to start with.

First of all, the Newark Earthworks Park is on the way to the mall and we have passed it many times over the years, but never stopped.  Monday, Toby and I were shopping around for backpacks.  I have never actually used a backpack, but I thought it would be a better solution for carrying photography equipment and water, etc.  And the Wonder Dog had outgrown the pack that I had gotten for him when he was but a youngster.  We ended up in Heath before we successfully found what we were looking for.  So, turning Bertha, the faithful truck, back toward home with the intent of going to Wolf Run Park I approached the Earthworks and spontaneously turned into the parking lot.  We are both glad that I did.  For more information on the Earthworks, check out this link.

Here are some photos from our walk:

100_4427 small
It was a grey day and it was flurrying while we were there, but there was little wind, so it did not feel as cold as it could have.  This massive tree is just to the left as you come over the wall from the parking area.  I was surprised at how many trees still had so many of their leaves remaining.


100_4432 small
As you go around to the left, you pass the gateway and the museum, which is outside the circle, and come upon this nifty crooked tree.


100_4434 small


100_4436 small a
It is difficult to see, but the wall is a green strip under the trees to the left.


100_4443 small.jpg
This tree was magnificent, but I couldn’t capture that magnificence.


100_4457 small


100_4461 small
Of course, we cannot have photos without showing the Wonder Dog in his new suit!


100_4478 small
He carries water, treats, poop bags, and a fold up bowl, balanced between the packs on either side.  He does really well with his backpack.


There was a man with another German Shepherd walking around in the park.  He did not have his dog on a leash.  I HATE THAT!  That dog was very well behaved and he was not in the least interested in us, but I HATE THAT!  I don’t want Toby to have the experience with a negative situation with human or animal, unless absolutely necessary.  I would LOVE to be able to let Toby go without a leash, but there is a reason that there is a rule that all dogs must be on a leash in the parks.  You never know what your dog will do.  I cannot completely trust Toby, because he is a dog.  Dogs are almost as unpredictable as people.  Oh, I’m sorry for getting on my soapbox.  We have never had a negative experience, even though we have come close with encounters with unleashed dogs in parks.  I am not worried about injury to Toby, it is the other dogs I am worried about (the belligerent little boogers) and the unnecessary drama.  LOL!  (By the way, I love little dogs.  I love medium dogs.  I just love dogs.  But, I like dogs that are controlled…)  So, on to more trees!


100_4493 small
This is that big tree that I encountered when entering the park.  I had to take a couple more shots as we left.


100_4494 small
All these photos are so orange!  Such an autumn color.  Orange is one of my least favorite colors, but I love it in the fall.  Go figure…


Yes, I am still involved in the visual arts, but I need to get in some outings and photo shoots while the weather is still workable for me.  My next post will be some shots from our walk on the Kokosing Gap Trail and, today, the Wonder Dog and I will be going to the trail in Howard and see if I can get some nifty shots of the tunnel.  The sun is supposed to make a few brief appearances, today, then we are expecting some snow in the next few days.  Yikes!  I hope you all are enjoying your particular autumnal weathers.


100_4454 small

It is no joy to me to sit
On dreamy summer eves,
When silently the timid moon
Kisses the sleeping leaves,
And all things through the fair hush’d earth
Love, rest—but nothing grieves.
Better I like old autumn
With his hair toss’d to and fro,
Firm striding o’er the stubble fields
When the equinoctials blow.

~Dinah Mulock Craik (1826–1887), “October”


One thought on “Newark Earthworks

  1. I loved my walk with you and Toby. I didn’t feel cold at all! and the orange sights were beautiful! Toby looks very well dressed in his new backpack. Does he carry a bottled water and a bone to chew on? Loved the one of him sitting in front of a battered tree…seems the two legs of the tree matched his tall lanky legs. Glad you caught these views before the winds and cold soon come with snow. The tree with wispy bark must have been a walnut? or hickory? The day is clear today. You’ve inspired me to get out and rake a few of those orange leaves…the dogwood is the last to have some clinging leaves; the buckeyes were the first to go. My grandson wants the piles of leaves to jump in. Trees do provide us with much to do. You’ve captured much to subdue the soul.

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