I have finished painting number three and it was an adventure.  Here is the last photo of my first attempt at number three:

China 2 wip 3

Well, after working on it a little more, I reached the point where I could not take it anymore, so I painted over it, but I didn’t like that, either, so I started with a clean panel from scratch:

China 2 wip 3 a

china 2 wip 4 a

china 2 wip 4 b

china 2 wip 4 c

china 2 wip 4 d

china 2 wip 4 e

And the FINISHED product!  Finally!  LOL!

china 2 wip final

I measured every. single. point. of every. single. window. and they still did not line up perfectly, so I finally just got it done.  The power lines were a challenge, also.  I wiped them off and redid them a few times.  In reality, there were many more power lines, but I think I included enough to get the idea.  This apartment building is in China.  The apartment building in the second painting was also in China.

Now, I will take a break between painting three and painting four and dust off my spinning wheel and spin up some wool yarn.  I will tell you all about that in my next post.

Until we meet, again, I leave you with some photos of another spider that posed for me:



These two photos of the spider are not great photography, but I tried.  He was not all that cooperative.  He is one of these common black fuzzy spiders that are sometimes quite fun.  I have teased them, before, and they stand up on their back feet and try to look big and fierce.  LOL!

IMG_7733 small

I thought this was funny.  A weight limit of four tons on a little walking bridge?!


4 thoughts on “Finished!

  1. The painting of the building looks fantastic!! And the fuzzy spider?…he can stay behind the glass of my phone! 😰

  2. I was looking at your last commission work and the building in China is amazing. Such detail work makes this a fantastic piece of artwork. The person that commissioned you must be well pleased with such a find piece. I am pleased to see that you and Clara have not parted ways. It is always a good thing to have quality time with a good ole friend. That ole spinning wheel will be your friend for ever so don’t have her far away.

    1. I’m glad you got an account going. 😊. Thanks for the comment. I am hoping I will keep my wits about me and never part from Clara. I can see myself old, feeble, and deaf spinning by the fire. 😏

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