A Little Slow

I have not started the next painting, because I was busy last week making packets for our congregational meeting, then I got sick on Monday, and on Wednesday, when I thought I was getting better, I threw my back out.

Before all this started, I started a double batch of homemade apple cider vinegar and I thought it made a nice photo.

img_8666 small

If anyone is interested, I can do a detailed post on it in the future.

Also, today was supposed to be “Snowmageddon”, but nothing spectacular thus far.  We might wake up to a world encased in ice, however.  Here is what it looks like as of 5:00 p.m. today.

img_8675 small

How do you like my bird feeder scuplture?  LOL!  It is a piece of firewood that I liked the look of and it weighs down the saucer so that the birds can’t knock it off the table.

Well, I hope to have a WIP for you in the next post.

I hope you all are well.

P.S.  Remember the portrait swap?  The portrait that I did is below:

Normally, I don’t allow anyone to see the reference photo, but in this swap one of the requirements was to show the reference and it didn’t hurt too much, so I thought I would share it here.

This is the portrait that he did of me:

This is the first portrait that anyone has done of me, that I can remember.  I am looking forward to next year’s portrait swap.

By the way, sometimes I choose quotes just because they resonate with me.  Sometimes, I choose them because they just sound nifty.  Sometimes, I have no idea why I choose the particular quote that I do.  Sometimes, it actually has something to do with the post.  This one?  I just liked it.  LOL!

It is in an old kitchen that the best food is made.

–French Proverb


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