Almost Done…

Okay, I know that I am sending too many updates, but things are rolling right along.

Candleridge wip 5d

Candleridge wip 5c

Candleridge wip 5a

I hope things are starting to make sense.  I’m sure it looked rather strange that I left off so much of the garage.  And I have not been really trying to get wonderful photos.  When I am totally done, I will take some good photos.  Probably next week.  I still have quite a bit to do on this one.  I have decided not to take a break between paintings and I want to start the next one on Monday, if I can.

palette 1 05012017 facebook

If you want to kill time, try working it to death.

— Sam Levonson



4 thoughts on “Almost Done…

  1. So beautiful, Ginny! Lots and lots of detail! I now know why you had a shadow at the corner of the garage. Having to look ahead to seeing which would be better to paint first so as Painter you do not need to do the details on the left had side of the garage roof >

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