Number Six WIP

I got the photo for number six on Wednesday and I decided to do some practice on the naked winter trees.  The photo shows a soft, overcast, snowy winter day in Virginia.  The first photo is the taped off house and shed and the underpainting of a soft very light bluish green.

Roosevelt Road wip 1

Then I added the background trees and then the middle ground trees and took the tape off to start the house.  It is exciting to take off the tape and see if it worked out.  LOL!

Roosevelt Road wip 2

Still quite a bit to go…

I was reading a collection of short stories and came across a lot of interesting stuff.  One story was obviously the basis for the movie Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.  The story is called The Sobbin’ Women.  It was very good!  LOL!  There were quite a few very good stories in the book.  The book is called The Family Reader compiled by Marjorie Barrows and copyright MCMXLVI (1946).  Most of the stories are light reading.  I found my quote as the last paragraph of one of the stories:  Grandma and the Seagull.

Pensive wordpress


People may seem to be perfectly impossible.  They may seem to be mean and small and sly.  But if you will take ten paces to the left and look again with the light falling at a different angle, very likely you will see that they are generous and warm and kind.  It all depends.  It all depends on the point from which you’re seeing them.

— Louise Dickinson Rich

I thought of the above girl when I read this quote.  When I found the reference photo, the photographer had posted many others of her, also.  I was hoping to use them, but when I went to find them, I only found this other one.  In the many photos, she looked different in each one.








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