Stormy Tree

I am no good at naming paintings.  LOL!  Well, this is oils on a 12×16 smooth panel.  I started with brushes, thinking that I would do this painting in a certain way, but ended up wildly fingerpainting!  I used a limited palette of ultramarine blue, hansa yellow, burnt umber, and titanium white, mixing what I needed.  What do you think?

oil stormy tree small

I am taking a break from my commission and am planning on going wild with my oil paints.  Who knows what will come of it?  Check out the two previous posts for two other paintings.

Now on the hills I hear the thunder mutter…
Nearer and nearer rolls the thunder-clap,—
You can hear the quick heart of the tempest beat….
Look! look! that livid flash!
And instantly follows the rattling thunder,
As if some cloud-crag, split asunder,
Fell, splintering with a ruinous crash,
On the Earth, which crouches in silence under;
And now a solid gray wall of rain
Shuts off the landscape, mile by mile…

— James Russell Lowell, “Summer Storm,” 1839


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10 thoughts on “Stormy Tree

  1. On your way, Sweet Sis! Look forward to seeing what does come of it.😛 It’ll be beautiful, whatever it is (especially if this first go is any indication).

  2. #2 Loved the turmoil in the sky and your use of color. The tree looks marvelous. The other oil painting seemed too thick with paint. You are chosing ideas that need to swirl and I think the oils show swirl well. What else contains a swirl….the swirl of the skirt of a dancing girl, the whirl in the wind of leaves being tossed, tall, long-stemmed daisies dancing on a grassy hill, what a gust of wind blows up near an old park bench, a tattered and torn American flag caught up in the wind, a kite in a nose dive that lost the battle to stay upright and instead takes a nose dive. …with a rainbow of bows for the tail of the kite.

    Maybe you were creating a different look >

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