Hello, darling!

This mug was a gift from the portrait subjects mother.  I have no idea how it started, but I have been calling almost everyone “darling” for many years, now.  If I don’t call you darling, just be thankful and move on.  LOL!


Here is a couple of WIP photos of my latest portrait.  If anyone recognizes her, please let me know in the comment section.  Do not worry about colors until it is completely finished.  Her skin is pretty much done, although I always touch up until the very end.  However, her hair and clothing are just underpaintings right now.  The background is in flux.  I am looking forward to seeing what happens with that.  LOL!



I tried to do my pastel drawing the proper way and I just can’t do it.  I need it to be at an angle away from me on my drawing table.  I am really struggling to stop blowing the dust.  Sigh…


I love the colors of the pastels.


The weather is so beautiful!  Yesterday, Mr. Beloved, Toby, and I went for a walk at Foundation Park.  It was very nice and lots of people were fishing.  We need to get our fishing gear in order and get going on that.

IMG_6008 small

There’s fishing and then there’s catching.

— Mr. Beloved

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