Old Fisherman Update

I did this portrait of this man about a year ago.  I have NO idea why I thought it was finished.  After I was able to touch up Anjali and fix her portrait after ruining it, I immediately thought of this one and wondered if I could do the same.  He has always bothered me, but I didn’t realize to what extent he was such a mess.  Apparently, I had not realized just how green his skin WAS!  LOL!  Plus, I didn’t have as many shadows as I should have and the ones that were there were not strong enough.  Etc., ad nauseam…  Anyway, I was able to spray fixative on him and give him a major facelift.  I think he appears much better off, although I am willing to admit that maybe in the future I may see other things about him that need improving.  If anyone ever sees anything wrong or bothersome about my art, feel free to let me know.  Of course, if it makes you swoon in ecstasy, please let me know that, also.

Presenting the new and improved old bearded fisherman:


So that you can compare easily, I will place them side by side:

Vive La Difference!  Eh?

By the way, we have broken in our fishing gear for this season.  We went fishing on Tuesday at Ariel Foundation Park and poor Mr. Beloved spent an inordinate amount of time teaching me to cast and how to untangle line.  We haven’t been fishing since we lived in Florida, about 17 years ago.  Can you believe it?  Well, we are remedying that situation.  Mr. Beloved, by the way, took to it like he had never stopped.  I did not have my camera with me.  I will have to remedy that situation, also.  And, no, we did not go catching, we went fishing…

Dolphin in oils 1995
This painting is a Dolphin (AKA Mahi Mahi) that I did in oils in 1995.

There is certainly something in angling that

tends to produce a serenity of the mind. 

— Washington Irving

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2 thoughts on “Old Fisherman Update

  1. WOW !
    What a difference !
    And here I thought he was perfect.
    You brought him to life.
    Great job.
    Love you.


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