Teacup and Lemon

I finally finished this one.  I actually just got tired of it.  I like it, but I don’t love it.  LOL!  Just practice…  I’m still learning how to use oil paints.  I have learned, so far, that oil paints may not be as bad as I initially thought.


This is what it looked like the last time I posted it:


I think the photo was taken from an angle last time, but this time I took some time to get a good photo.  Now, I need to finish the lilacs picture.  Maybe I will have it done in time for my real lilacs that are going to bloom soon.


The man who is too old to learn

was probably always too old to learn.

— Henry S. Haskins

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5 thoughts on “Teacup and Lemon

  1. That Henry !
    He had lots of words of wisdom.

    Love the painting !
    Looks much better than it did.
    Love you. 💕

  2. Loved the second one….oil painting, to me, gives a thick solid feeling like a heavy mug …instead of a dainty porcelain tea cup held with an upturned pinky

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