Portrait Shoot

Today, I had my friend, Elsie, over for a fun photo shoot.

Img_9445 black and white



We were just playing around, but I think we got some good shots.  The fabric is draped over the treadmill and a lamp was put on the side.  Then, after a while, I turned out all the lights and just adjusted the camera exposure and got some very lovely shots.  The one above and below are taken through a telephoto converter attachment, which had dirty spots on it, which made a nifty misty feel.  I suppose at some point I am going to have to clean the spots off…  Elsie was a wonderful model and I really enjoyed the photo shoot.

Elsie in a circle

And here is some more drawing practice:


My guy does not look like the guy in the book, but at least he looks human!  LOL!


Most of us don’t need a psychiatric therapist as much as a friend to be silly with.

— Robert Brault

4 thoughts on “Portrait Shoot

  1. Great work.
    Or I should say, Great fun !
    Looks like you were able to put her totally at ease and get some great shots !

    Love you.

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