Wet Morning

Toby and I took a walk this morning and it was very wet.  The mosquitoes were hungry and it was overcast, also.  But, we got some good photos.

I don’t know what the below is, but it is pretty:

Img_9563 small

Sweet White Violet:

Img_9568 small.jpg

Jelloway Creek:

Img_9580 small.jpg


Img_9587 small.jpg

Dogwood and the Howard Tunnel:

Img_9600 small.jpg

Below is my old lilac bush, which I planted, from a seedling, about 14 years ago.  I have had the hardest time getting it to bloom, but this year it appears to have given in and put out about seven blooms.  Oh, I love the smell of lilacs!  They smell clean.

Img_9605 small

Below is our lovely crabapple tree, which I planted from a seedling at the same time as the lilac.  It is blooming like crazy!  I love it!  That is all one tree.  It is much taller than our house.  That puny little lilac is still not as tall as I am.

Img_9611 small

Crabapple blossoms under a beautiful blue sky that I was able to catch between clouds:

Img_9607 small

River Birch:

Img_9618 small.jpg

Red Bud:

Img_9619 small

Sweet Purple Violet:

Img_9572 small

The violets in the mountains have broken the rocks.

— Tennessee Williams

virginiacmccoyfineartlogo small


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