Okay, I got some constructive criticism from a faithful follower of my blog.  He is very good about pointing out what he sees that could be improved with my art and I appreciate it very much.  I really do want to improve.  I don’t just want everyone to praise me.  Although, I like praise very much, too much, and, just like everyone else, I am embarrassed and my vanity suffers when criticized, I need good, honest, kind criticism.  So, after receiving some from a blog follower and from a forum where I posted the drawing, I made some changes.  I knew it was not right, but I couldn’t see what it was, exactly.  I added more volume to her hair on the back of her head, which, after it was pointed out to me was so painfully obvious.  LOL!  And, I took away some of the chin.  I know it is not perfect, but I feel it looks much more like Elsie, now.  I would like to offer my thanks to those who care enough to tell me the truth, even if it hurts.  And, even if I choose not to heed the advice.

Img_9645 small

Below are the before, after, and reference photo:

I do not need it to look exactly like the reference photo, but it is very important to me that it actually look like Elsie.  If someone looks at the picture and says, “Oh, that’s Elsie!” then, even if it is not a xerox copy, it is a success.  But, if someone who knows her says, “Wow!  That is beautiful!  Who is it?”  It is a miserable failure.  LOL!  To tell you the truth, my drawing looks, to me, like a cross between Diane Keaton and Lauren Bacall.  What do you all truthfully think?

God offers to every mind its choice between truth and repose.  Take which you please — you can never have both.

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

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3 thoughts on “Elsie

  1. I think it looks just like her. The facial features are right on. I do like the edits you made as well! The hair made such a huge difference!

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