Found ’em!

Hallelujah!  These photos were lost and now they are found.  Apparently the camera created a new folder on the memory card and I didn’t notice it.  Later in the day, as I was getting ready to go to bible study, I thought, “Was there a new folder on that card?”  So, I checked and, yes, there was a new folder and there were all my missing photos.  I  have no idea why that happened.  I am not even using 10% of the card.  But, now I know, if it should happen again.

So, on to more White Oak Farms pictures.  I love beekeeping.  We had two hives when we lived in Florida.  It was very nice having our own honey and beeswax.  Yes, I have adventures to tell…

Beehive 1 small

Beehive 2 small

The wetlands, which Bill created for Bonnie’s birthday a few years ago and which adds wildlife habitat and diversity to the farm.

Wetlands 1 small

The bathouse, which, along with the beehives, are located along the wetlands.  On a well-run farm, bats, bees, woods, wetlands, pastures, etc., all have their place among many other wonderful things.

bathouse small

These cows and their calves were right next to the wetlands and I enjoyed photographing them.  They are beautiful and healthy and obviously happy in such a lush pasture.

Cows 8 small

Cows 1 small

Cows 4 small

Cows 5 small

Cows 6 small

We headed into the woods to find these trilliums.  They were aging very gracefully and made wonderful models.  This first one had some pink on it and I thought it was particularly nice.

Trillium 1

Trillium 2

Trillium 3

Well, even though I found my lost photos, I hope to be able to have photo shoots at White Oak Farms many times in the future.

We were so far back in the woods, they almost had to pipe in sunlight.

— Roy Rogers

virginiacmccoyfineartlogo small

One thought on “Found ’em!

  1. Is that hamburger on the hoof?

    I’m glad you found your pictures, but I hope you get even more.

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