Mystery Portrait

If you recognize this person, please comment on this post.

Ron Pastel Final May 13 2019 small

The work in progress:

He was very cooperative for the photo shoot.  He lasted almost an hour at which time he said, “I’m done.  That is all I can take.”  I think I will get some more in the future…  LOL!

Below are the previous two portraits of the mystery man.  The first one was done sometime in 2017 and the second early in 2018.  I believe I am improving.  (Mystery Man and I call the first portrait, “Fang”.  LOL!  Those “fangs” are supposed to be his white hairs in the beard.  The second portrait is from a photo of him sitting under an arbor with dappled sunshine raining down on him.  I like the light patterns.  He does not.)

An ideal wife is any woman who has an ideal husband.

— Booth Tarkington



4 thoughts on “Mystery Portrait

  1. Great job.
    He is so cooperative ! And a handsome dude.
    I thought his beard would never have any gray. Oh, well. It happens to the best of us.

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