Eastern Bluebird

Mr. Beloved and I have had bluebird boxes in the past, but they were always attacked and taken over by european sparrows and starlings. So, after a few years of trying to keep the invader nests out of the bluebird boxes, we have given up and no longer have the boxes. But, that doesn’t mean that I can’t have my own bluebird of happiness. LOL! This one is soft pastels on 9×13 velour paper.

Eastern Bluebird — Print

Archival matte art print, 9x13, plus one inch border, ready for framing. Price includes shipping within the USA or local delivery (within Knox County, Ohio).


Does anyone have a particular bird that they would like me to try painting with pastels? I am open to suggestions. The next one that I am going to do is a bald eagle close-up, but after that… Well, what do you suggest? You tell me what you like and I will search my reference photo sources and see what I can find.

“There never was a happier or more devoted husband than the male bluebird. He is the gay champion and escort of the female at all times, and while she is sitting, he feeds her regularly.” — John Burroughs

6 thoughts on “Eastern Bluebird

  1. Wow, I like this best of the series, so far! Great color and contrast of soft pastel look and sharp eyes and blue body. Nice!

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