Visitors, etc.

My beloved parents came for a week and we had a very good time. Mom and I took many walks on the various trails around the county and went to Ariel Foundation Park at sunset. Of course, we took Toby whenever possible, which was not all the time, because he had some mysterious malady that caused him to be unable to jump up into the truck for a few days. He is over it, but Bertha is in the shop right now. Dad and I went fishing one morning and we also went to see the train at Gambier and the two train stations in town. We also went to the Knox County Historical Museum, which was very interesting. He also kindly indulged my love of the game Battleship. LOL! Here are some photos. Unfortunately, I didn’t get photos of every place we went.

Ariel Foundation Park at sunset.
The red bridge at Ariel Foundation Park at sunset.
Fishing at Ariel Foundation Park early in the morning.
Dad, the master fisherman. Unfortunately, he was with me, which guaranteed that he would not catch anything. LOL!
The B&O Railroad Station in Mount Vernon, Ohio.
The CA&C Railroad Station in Mount Vernon, Ohio.
A very nifty map painted on the wall of the CA&C Station.

I have also been slowly getting back into my art. I think that I have been morbid in trying to glorify God in my art. I was overanalyzing and making my own life difficult. If I seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, then it must follow that I will glorify Him in all aspects of my life as well as I can as long as I am dragging this old flesh around. So, I will relax, work on my relationship with the Lord (by His grace and with His strength), and get to work on my art!

I am working on a pencil drawing and preparing for another bird picture in pastels.

Do you think I need a new pencil? LOL!
A customer asked me to mat and frame his print of Mac the Macaw. I think it turned out rather well. It never gets old seeing my work framed.
While walking around the yard, I got this apple from our tree. It has made some nice big apples, this year, but most of them are very wormy. I have gotten a few big, juicy, clean ones, though.
A beautiful maple root. It is weird what I think is beautiful…

“Beauty unites all things, links together flower and star, with chains more certain than those of reason. The poet, the artist, thus finds the clue which guides them in their pilgrimage throughout the world.” — Henry James Slack

4 thoughts on “Visitors, etc.

  1. Very nice visit. I enjoyed our walks almost as much as I enjoyed our talks !
    We never get finished. LOL !
    I love you, Sweet Girl.

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