Some Bird Photos

I have a table set up on the back porch with scattered bird seed, a couple of saucers with seed, a flower pot with seed, and a nice artistic piece of firewood standing in one of the saucers. The birds apparently agree with me that it is quite appealing. Out of 500 photos taken so far, I have gotten about 15 good ones. Here are a few:

Mr. Nuthatch was the one that landed on the wood most often. I had the camera focused on the wood and the bird had to land right on the right spot to be focused. That is why the Caroline Wren on the bottom is not sharp, but the wood is sharp. LOL! Well, I have begun trying to learn colored pencils with my own reference photos:

“It’s impossible to explain creativity. It’s like asking a bird, ‘How do you fly?’ You just do.” — Eric Jerome Dickey

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