Back Home!

We recently went on a trip to Alabama, Florida, and North Carolina. When we left, the virus was not in the forefront of my mind, so when we got to Alabama and it was such a topic of conversation, I was surprised. I don’t watch the news. Mr. Beloved has to keep me informed. I had heard of it, but not a whole lot. Well, that was what our trip was mainly about. We stayed with my parents in Alabama and they got us up to speed on the hand-sanitizer thing. I have always washed my hands, but I am not a hand-sanitizer person. I also have always been a little shocked and angry at how many people do not wash their hands. People are learning about it for the first time! (I have my sarcasm and “told you so” face on.)

Anyway, we had a relatively good time. Here are some photos from our trip:

The above is from the Tennessee Welcome Center on the interstate (I don’t remember which one). It was very nice and they had walking trails with signs that said how long it was. There was also this interesting sculpture. I don’t know what it is about, but it is nifty.

Mom and I were always busy doing something. On this day, we had gone to the museum, but it ended up being closed due to a special exhibition that they had just had. So, we ended up walking in the park.

After spending a few days in Alabama, we went to Florida to see my in-laws. We had fun and got some stuff done in spite of the virus situation.

After a very hot and sunny time in Florida, we headed home. But, we stopped in North Carolina to stay at a bed and breakfast in Mt. Airy. The bed and breakfast is owned by Elbert Shubert and his lovely wife Linda. I know that most of you will remember him:

Yes! How wild is that? While we were planning our trip, we were looking online for B&B’s in Mt. Airy and discovered that Elbert owns a B&B/Art Gallery there. We HAD to book that one! LOL! I had such a good time talking “artist” with him. His wife, who does most of the inkeeping work was wonderful, also. It was very nice and I hope that, if anyone needs a place to stay in Mt. Airy, that they will look into The Vermeer Bed and Breakfast and Art Gallery. Here are some pics:

Mr. Beloved on the front porch of the inn, reading my journal, which I was writing in every day, keeping close track of everything that was going on while we were traveling.

Of course, we had to do some of the touristy “Mayberry” stuff, but not much was open. I had lunch at Barney’s Burgers and we did manage to get some souvenirs and candy.

And, finally, I did start a drawing before I left. I just finished it, today. Now, on to some more art and writing. I am still cogitating on Grandma’s Soup.

This is graphite and white charcoal on grey toned paper. I started out trying to be a little too realistic and as I worked my way through it, I tried loosening up. I think this Rhino is about as handsome as they come. LOL!

“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” -Gustav Flaubert

One thought on “Back Home!

  1. Welcome back, Hum! Looks like you had a great time, despite the virus! What a treat to meet your subject too! Crazy adventure.

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