I am enjoying painting with oils. I am starting to be able to paint loose without so much stress. I am still stressing a little as I lay down the paint and try to leave it alone. I just want to keep messing with it! LOL! Mark Carder, one of the great painters that I follow, says paint ugly and get your values right. I am trying…

This is oils on 8×10 stretched canvas. Done with one brush, a small/medium bristle filbert. I like my little plum.

I am also enjoying the sunshine the last couple of days, and after I get this posted I am off for a walk with my Toby. The photo below, I took on Thursday. Today, it is just as sunny and beautiful. I hope everyone is taking walks and enjoying the great outdoors.

I went the grocery store, yesterday, to pick up my cliklist. It was the first time I had been anywhere in the car and I took my homemade mask with me. I saw that even the street signs are masked. I don’t feel like I am isolated, because I spend most of my time at home, anyway, and communication technology is wonderful. I have been busier with virtual meetings, etc., than I ever have been. After this has calmed down a little, I need to slow down. LOL!

If isolation tempers the strong, it is the stumbling-block of the uncertain. — Paul Cezanne

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