My First Plein Air Painting

En plein air is french for “outdoors”. I have wanted to paint outdoors for a long time, but I was too self-conscious. The field across the road is so full of purple weeds that it almost looks like a lavender field in France, so I finally got up the gumption and put my easel in the driveway and gave it a try. It was HARD! It was not hard to paint, well, not much, anyway. The hard part was trying to keep my mind on the painting and not on the possibility of being seen. Yikes! I was seen! I was seen several times over! I was a nervous wreck and I did not capture the scene like I wanted. In fact, it does not look at all like the scene which was in front of me and which I could not see for all the self-consciousness that was keeping me preoccupied. Mr. Beloved said it looks very good for my first try. I will accept that and try again. Someday…

I put my heart and my soul into my work, and have lost my mind in the process. — Vincent Van Gogh

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