Williamsburg Spinster

This is a living history interpreter in Williamsburg.  (Photo reference courtesy of David O’Dell). She is a spinster, which is a person who spins yarn on a drop spindle or a spinning wheel.  It is done on velour paper with big fat soft pastels.  I get rather stressed when I cannot make fine details and make more of a likeness, but after it was all done and I hid the reference photo, I liked it.  It is 10×12.

I refer to myself as a spinster, because I love to spin yarn on my lovely old Ashford Traditional spinning wheel. And, yes, I am married: for almost forty years, now. Thank you, very much. — Virginia C. McCoy

8 thoughts on “Williamsburg Spinster

  1. Well, you old spinster, you !
    Who knew !
    I never heard that before. Maybe it morphed into what we usually think of because maiden aunts always spun ?

  2. By the way, she is beautiful.
    Looks very much like what I always imagine a lady of her time to be.

    1. I LOVE your “Williamsburg Spinster”! She is so lovely and she looks so kind. It seems like you did a good job on capturing her expression.

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