Fat Pitcher and Orange

This is from life in oils, on an approximately 12×16 piece of board (I cannot remember what you call it, it is like heavy pressed cardboard…) that I glued some muslin fabric on and applied two coats of oil ground on top of.  It made a nice smooth surface.  I can’t tell the difference between it and acrylic paint when applying my oils on top of it.  Anyway, on to the artwork, which took me about a week and a half, because of waiting for it to dry several times to continue painting.  I have had this pitcher for a few years. I bought it at a thrift store for the express purpose of painting it. Finally… LOL!

Now, I am going to eat that orange!

I have been reading. Surprising, isn’t it? LOL! Well, I read the book True Grit, which was made into a movie with John Wayne, Glen Campbell, and Kim Darby. I’m sure you have all seen the movie. It stuck pretty well to the book, except for the end. The end is very different. I highly recommend that you get the book. It was an audio book and was read by Donna Tartt. She was the perfect one to read it. So good!

I also read In The Heart of the Rockies by G. A. Henty as recommended by one of my beloved brothers. This was my first venture into Henty’s books, which are adventure books for boys, written in the Victorian times. I must confess that I was not looking to be entertained much, but it was so good, I couldn’t put it down without thinking about when I could get back to it. I got it on my kindle reader for free from Project Gutenberg. I will be reading the next one that was recommended to me, soon.

I read A River Runs Through It, which was made into a movie with Robert Redford. I think I saw the movie, but I don’t remember. The book, which is a little raw, has a lot about fly fishing. So interesting. I have never been fly fishing and probably never will, but I love to see someone who knows what they are doing in the very act. And, I love the flies and other stuff associated with it. I could see me buying a lot of the stuff and never catching a fish. LOL! Good book, but not for children.

Another one, is Help the Poor Struggler. The name of the book is the name of a pub. This book is a murder mystery set in England and it is a gripper with a very surprising ending. At least it was surprising to me. I thought I knew who had done it so many times and I never even got close.

I am in the process, right now, of reading a book of short stories called The Mammoth Book of Men O’War. It is stories of sailing ships during wars. Very exciting. Just today, I was engaged in a brief and glorious encounter with the french in defense of the China Fleet, which was merchant ships engaged in the spice trade. Whew! I was worn out after that one. LOL!

There are other books on my list, but I can’t remember them all right now. I will try to include a few in each post. If you want more info on any of the books, just ask. If you want to buy some art, please ask that, too.

One ought, every day at least, to hear a little song, read a good poem, see a fine picture, and, if it were possible, to speak a few reasonable words. — Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

One thought on “Fat Pitcher and Orange

  1. The story of “Catie Washes the Car” which in all accounts was indeed a truthful event which was very constructively embellished to be a very interesting piece of art work. How could I not love this story which brings back found memories with my baby girl who was becoming an outstanding young lady with talents yet To be discovered. This story is recommended for all to read and a special consideration to fathers who had the great Godly privilege of having a daughter in their life to love them enough to remember such things as this memory, such as I have. To my daughter who I love very much the old 1964 Rambler was a nucleus of our combined attention and love. The Rambler lived a long and honorable life and traveled many places after this event meeting it’s end with the family as a trade-in for a new car which lacked the class and beauty of the 1964 Rambler Ambassador. Read it and the painting she did of it is exactly how I remember it. You will love this story!

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