Tiny Apple

Well, I have already gone off my plan to do a painting a day. The plan was to do a painting each weekday, but Monday was busy and then, when I got downstairs to my studio to actually start painting, we got a whopper of a storm. We turned off all the computers and lit oil lamps and hunkered down. We got up yesterday to a yard almost completely covered, around the house, with fallen branches. But, we consider ourselves very blessed that the house, vehicles, animals, and people were untouched.

We did not get as much damage as some and we did not have our electricity out for more than a few minutes. Ron is working on the clean-up. I wish I could help, but I have back and foot problems.

So, this painting is an apple that I picked off our tree. It is tiny and wormy, but I got it’s best side. LOL! The banana is much bigger in real life.

I forgot to take a sketch photo, but I actually didn’t do much sketching. I just started painting on a white canvas. It was a little rough getting all the canvas covered, without little dots of white showing through. But, I think I managed. Hopefully, I will get a painting a day done for tomorrow and Friday.

The smallest seed of faith is better than the largest fruit of happiness. — Henry David Thoreau

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