Mona Lisa Smile

This is charcoal on grey toned paper. I used a LOT of charcoal in this picture. LOL! I am starting to learn how charcoal works with layers, etc.

Wear a smile and have friends; wear a scowl and have wrinkles. — George Eliot

2 thoughts on “Mona Lisa Smile

  1. Mona Lisa looks better than ever. A fantastic charcoal that deserves many wows. Just enough of your human artistic ability to prevent it from being a photo which is good. Is Mona’s left eye a little toed in or is her eye that way. If it’s your creation you have stamped it unique that only you can identify. Your are indeed an artist that is and will go far as I know that you can. Many of us which we had just a little of the talent you have my love.

    Love, Pops

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