Setting Her Cap on Williamsburg

Another of David O’Dell’s great photos was the basis of this oil painting. I debated on whether or not to leave the bricks in the window or even if I should include the window. I’m glad I did. I love those bricks! LOL! Another 11×14 stretched canvas.

I have been wanting to give another reading list, but I have been reading so hard and fast that I cannot remember all the books. However, I just finished book two of Louis L’Amour’s Sackett series and I am taking a break in my reading to savor it and prepare for book three. L’Amour’s writing style in these books is so wonderful, it is like poetry. And the reader (audio book — John Curless) is so good it just adds to the poetic experience. Sigh… I hate when a good book ends…. Sometimes, when I am reading and notice the end coming, I slow down and take my time while chomping at the bit to get going. LOL! These Sackett books start in England in the late 1500’s. Barnabas Sackett goes to the New World, has adventures, and returns. In the second book, To The Far Blue Mountains, he returns to the New World and has, as his eventual goal, to get to those far blue mountains (the blue ridge). Lots of adventure!

Books, I found, had the power to make time stand still, retreat or fly into the future. — Jim Bishop

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