The Light Shines

Greetings from VCMFA in sunny and relatively warm Florida! It is already difficult to remember being cold. LOL! I mean really cold. Here, it is “cold” when it is in the 60’s. It is the middle of January and we are having sunny days and wind, but no real cold, although I do see people wearing winter clothing.

So, I have had a painting in my mind for a few months and finally decided to give it a try. It did not turn out how I was thinking, so this one is not that one. But, this one is very nifty and I like it a lot. This one is for sale, however. I have been reading The Westminster Confession of Faith and ideas for paintings have been swirling in my head.

The Light Shines in the Darkness (John 1:5), 16×20 oils on 1 1/2 inch deep splined canvas with painted edges, ready to hang or can be framed: $495 for pickup or local delivery. It should be dry in a week or two.

I have been working on a commission:

And practicing my oil painting on an old scrap canvas. Some of you loyal followers may remember me doing the painting in the bottom left of the canvas. I had also started a painting of lilacs in the bottom right, but gave up on that. It is been over a year and I decided to tape it off in small squares and do some little practice paintings. I thought I would fill all the squares with difference poses from my trusty apple friend, but I got bored with that and ate the apple and found various other things. At one point, I was trying to think of something and spied a victim out the window in front of me:

I finally finished the canvas. It was fun and I think it is a fun one to look at. It is big, about 24×30.

I have also discovered a new author: Gladys Taber. She wrote lots of books about her beloved home in Connecticut called Stillmeadow. Such lovely writings. I am reading The Book of Stillmeadow (1948) right now. It is a year, starting in November, of all that goes on around the old homestead. So nice and relaxing and funny and beautiful. Check her out at your local library and let me know how you like her.

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. — John 1:5 (ESV)

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