How to Draw a Fox – Part Two: The Sketch

This has been a hectic couple of weeks. Among other things was a very difficult time trying to upload my video to YouTube. I’m glad that Adobe has such a good support team. I have spent many hours with them. LOL! Yesterday, I uploaded a YouTube short (about 45 seconds) to let people know that I was working on Part Two. It uploaded relatively quickly and successfully. A 45 second video only took two hours to upload. (!!!)

Last night, I started the upload of Part Two, again. It was still going when I got up this morning. But, it eventually got finished and successfully published. I think it took about nine hours. We are looking into getting faster internet… To see Part Two, please click on the thumbnail photo, below.

If you missed Part One: Supplies, please click here.

I must confess that it is difficult making videos while trying to make art. But, I think I will get the hang of it. I really need to work on talking. I tend to clam up or mumble while I am concentrating. LOL! So, how many of you are drawing along with me?

Art on!

Let what will be said or done, preserve your [composure] immovably, and to every obstacle, oppose patience, perseverance, and soothing language. — Thomas Jefferson

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