Painting an Apple: Supplies

I recently painted this quick little alla prima apple in oils on an 8×10 canvas. I filmed everything and am releasing it in three parts. The first part is about the supplies that I am using. The second part will be about mixing my colors. The third part will be the actual painting.

I have recently become an Amazon affiliate, so I have a list of affiliate links in the description of the video. I tried to find all the supplies that I am actually using, but they don’t have them all. I believe I found some that were good replacements. Of course, if you want to make your own art, you don’t have to use what I use. You can use any color and any supplies you want. That is the art part. LOL! If you have a local art supply store, it would be a good idea to use them. Of course, I would be grateful for any business you can throw my way, too. If you click on an affiliate link and order through that link, I will receive a small commission.

But, wherever you get your supplies, it would be nifty if you did actually make your own painting. If you do, please let me know and send a picture of it so I can see.

Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree. — Martin Luther

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