A Fine Romance (Book Review)

(The link to the book is an Amazon affiliate link. If you should choose to buy it through this link, I may receive a commission. Thank you.)

This book “A Fine Romance: Falling in Love With the English Countryside” by Susan Branch is an anglophile’s dream book. This book was created totally by hand. Susan painted the pictures, took the photos, even painted the words, and, of course, told the story. She and her husband took the Queen Mary 2 over to England and spent two months falling in love with England all over again. Then they took the Queen Mary 2 back home. What a trip! What a book! What a beautiful work of art! This is a must have for every bookshelf and every home. Plus, you need to actually read it!

A few times while reading this book, I cried from the sheer beauty of the thing. And when it was over, I sat with the book in my lap and just sighed and savored it. The feel of the book is good, too. Heavy, substantial, the pages thick and healthy. A satisfying book in all respects. It has been a week since I finished it. This copy is a library book. I need to get my own and I think I will read it again…. Soon….

One thought on “A Fine Romance (Book Review)

  1. I adore Susan Branch books!! Her art is so pretty! I’m glad you enjoyed her book. I will have to look for it since I have not seen it.

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