Quick Idea Sketch

This is a quick oil sketch of an idea I have had for a little while. It is nothing like what was in my head. It tends to evolve even as I am painting. I don’t know what to do with it. The thought that was going through my head while I have been planning and sketching, both with charcoal and with oils, is Beauty for Ashes (Isaiah 61:3). I am struggling with how to manifest it in an oil painting.

I run to You Lord, I run to You Lord.
The warmth of Your hands restores faith in my every step
Your grace gives me the strength to go
You are my wisdom, in You I can go through everything.

I have longed for you all my life
I look forward to meeting You in heaven

To Thee my love, To Thee my paths,
I obey you again to keep my faith.
I long for you as a baby longs for mother,
As the dry land longs for the rain, I long for You.
I look at you when I am exhausted in the struggle,
I pray to You, because I believe my victory is in You,
I stand on the Word, this world will not overcome Your love

I love you, I live for you, you are my God.

-- Andriy Hryfel (A Ukrainian Worship Song)

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