Hurricane Art

As we hunkered down to ride out the storm, I decided to work on something. I found a nifty photo of Florence Nightingale in one of my books and got to work.

This is charcoal on 12×16 brown pastel paper. She kept me occupied for most of yesterday.

This morning, the electricity finally went out at 7:15. It came back on around 10:30. We are very fortunate. We had high winds and lots of rain, but nothing serious in our neighborhood. I think the storm has finally passed us, now, at 11:15.

Many people guessed correctly on my drawing of Ronald Reagan. As I was working on it, I could not see the likeness. I was struggling to get it, erasing and redrawing over and over. I finally gave up and posted it, just knowing that no-one would be able to figure it out. But, after resting my eyes, getting rid of the reference photo, and looking back at it, I did see the likeness. It is not a very good likeness, but you can tell who it is, as evidenced by the many correct guesses.

The book that I read about him is How Ronald Reagan Changed My Life by Peter Robinson. So good! I didn’t know all that much about Reagan, but I liked what I did know. This book, by one of Reagan’s speechwriters, tells some very nifty stories about him. Check it out. The above link is an affiliate link, so, if you choose to buy the book through that link, I will get a commission. The price is the same for you whether you use my link or not and if you use that link, but buy something else, I will get a commission on that, too. Thanks!

I attribute my success to this – I never gave or took any excuse. — Florence Nightingale

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