Guest Artist: Jessica McFall

My beloved niece, Jessica, is spending a few weeks with us, here in sunny, but chilly, Florida. She is going to school in Minneapolis and appreciates our slightly cool, but lovely weather. We have been busy catching up on movies and working on art. Yes, art! First, we worked with some polymer clay:

This is our clay masterpieces: “The Pig of Paree”, also known as “The Swine of the Seine”, created by yours truly; a prototype for a larger untitled work about the human heart by Jessica; a figure of a man who turned out to remind me of my grandma, so I call him “Grandma Man”; and a leaf with a purple pearl by Moi.

Jessica working on her clay masterpiece. “A heart being warmed by the fire of the love of God,” explains the artist.

Next, we worked on portraits. Jessica chose to do a picture of a lovely old man with a magnificent beard. I am partial to magnificent beards. LOL!

Jessica learned how to use a grid to catch the likeness. We printed the picture and decided to make the drawing half the size of the picture, so the picture has a one inch grid and the paper had a half-inch grid. It worked out well.

The finished product! Ta-da! I think it is wonderful. She did such a good job. And she didn’t get very much instruction from me. I was busy with my own stuff. LOL!

He understood all the different kinds and was able to draw inspiration from all, but he could not imagine that it is possible to be quite ignorant of the different kinds of art and to be inspired directly by what is in one’s own soul. — Leo Tolstoy from Anna Karenina

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