Flowers and Hearts

Jessica leaves me, tomorrow, for her home in the far north. She has enjoyed her visit, as have I, and we have discussed books, movies, latin, theology, and art until we are worn out. We have sung and danced and walked in the sun. It has been good.

Now, to see some more of her artwork:

Vexillum Suum Super Me Est Amor (Translation from the Latin: His Banner Over Me Is Love) — The above sculpture is an artwork for a competition at school. The theme of the competition is “Carry The Banner”. So, for this theme, Jessica created a heart that is slowly being warmed by the love of God. She took this idea from the Bible: Song of Solomon 2:4. The black heart is encased in stone and the fire of God is warming it and turning it to flesh.

This is an 8×10 acrylic painting on a piece of loose canvas. She painted this for her friend and framed it. I’m sure her friend will appreciate it.

I did the same flowers from the same reference while she was painting, but I did mine in pastels on 8×10 sanded paper. Mine do not look as much like African Violets as Jessica’s do. LOL!

So, do I get to inherit all these books? — Jessica McFall

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