The Kiss of Dawn

The night is on his merry way,
With the subtle kiss of dawn.
The stars, which shine so bright and gay,
Will soon be dead and gone.

Morning is my favorite time,
It’s always new and clear.
I feel as if the world is mine,
Although my lover is near.

I hear his call, so low and sweet,
For love, I will obey.
I fly to him on winged feet,
Along the blissful way.

I reach him and I look into
Those eyes that pierce my heart.
He says, “When I am without you,
I feel I am but part.”

So joyfully, I whisper now,
“You are my life, my dove,
I ask you, please, oh tell me how,
I might deserve your love.”

“For you are part and parcel of
My life upon this earth.
Yes, with your gentle, tender love,
I feel this life has worth.”

The man that I will love forever
Looks down at me to say,
“Just tell me, lass, that you will never,
Ever go away.”

The mornings have not been so bright
As these with my love, Ron.
Together we go through each night
And welcome each new dawn.

Copyright 2020 Virginia C. McCoy

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