I truly enjoy fingerpainting and am amazed that I can actually make anything with it!  LOL!  It may not be “good”, but I like it.  I was inspired by this video from Painting with Jane.  She does such beautiful fingerpaintings that, after I saw this video, I immediately wanted to do it.  I determined to go to my local Pat Catan’s and get their biggest canvas and make a masterpiece that would stun the world and make me famous for at least four or five hundred years!  YIPPEE!  But, by the time I had gotten to the store, I had already started getting scared and when I saw their largest canvas I completely chickened out.  Plus, it crossed my mind that I would need to buy some more paint to cover that canvas, too.  LOL!  So, I got an 18×24 canvas and used what acrylic paint I already had and this is what came of it:

Ginny and her painting

My beloved took a photo of me and my messy hands next to my diminutive masterpiece.  My hands were much messier than can be seen in the photo, plus my arms got paint on them and I don’t know why.  My left hand had more paint on it and I didn’t even use that hand!  Well, maybe I won’t be famous all over the world for hundreds of years, but I was famous with the inmates of my home for at least 15 minutes.  Toby, the Wonder Dog, already worships the ground I walk on, but it was still good…


2 thoughts on “Fingerpainting

  1. Do you often take a bath in paint? What a great, great creation you have come up with ….I’d say throw away the brushes but you do good there, too! Glad you had fun!

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