A hungry spider, a WIP, and other things…

I don’t know about you, but I can’t seem to keep ahead of the spiders in my house.  I must admit that they don’t bother me all that much, but I do get tired of their webs and their messes.  However, I do love that they do their best to keep the population of flies and stinkbugs in check:

Img_8126 small

This one was doing his thing between the wall unit and the hearth when I noticed him.  I watched him for a few minutes then I ran for the camera and tripod.  I tried a bunch of shots from the fully extended tripod and then lowered it, tried some more, lowered it some more and finally realized that I would have to change to my smaller lens and get really close.  I was able to make the tripod really short and hang the camera upside down.  I can’t get on the floor to check focus and settings, so I put it on autofocus and hoped for the best.  Well!  I am happy with my shot.  I took dozens and got a few good ones.  The spider was very accommodating and held his pose for quite a while.

Below is my current work in progress photo.  This particular building is taking a while, because I am having to paint things over and over.  White is like that…  If I need to cover anything with white, it takes a few coats.  Plus, I keep straightening things.  I even did another layer on the sky.  LOL!  I think it is coming along, though.

China 2 wip 3

I mentioned in another post about having set up a photo trap for birds on my back porch.  Well, they finally noticed.  I was feeling so unappreciated.  LOL!  However, my tripod was not set up.  I was holding the camera while looking out the back door and suddenly two cardinals, a bluejay, a junco, and some sparrows invaded.  I started shooting away!  So, I didn’t really get any sharp photos, but I think these few are kinda nice.





This last one is my favorite.  It looks like it needs to be made into a painting to me…

Toby and I took a several walks on the trails around here, lately.  The following were taken at the Kokosing Gap Trail in Howard.

IMG_7771 small bw

I don’t know what tree or bush these seeds are from, but I loved them and they were everywhere!

IMG_7773 small

IMG_7774 small bw

IMG_7781 small



I thought I would try to get some smooth water.  I love that look.  I also thought the above log looked like a pig eating.  LOL!  Am I the only one that sees that?  Or maybe some piggy-looking dragon with that long neck.


The river was flowing quite well and I used a very long shutter speed to get the water to smooth out.  That piece of wood, above, looks like a lion stretching and looking at the sky.


Well, I will be honest with you.  I am not looking forward to walking when it is snowy and icy, but I am prepared to give it a try.  There have been a few bald eagles around here, lately.  There is a dead deer across the road and I’m sure that is what attracted them.  I tried to catch them, but it seems that my tripod sends out signals to all the birds to steer clear.  Anyway, I thought they were all gone, but this morning, as Toby and I were walking in our neighborhood, one flew across the field, crossed the road in front of us, and continued on East.  I was wishing I had my camera, but then I remembered to just enjoy the moment and not constantly want to be productive.  It was beautiful…

IMG_7721 small

Beauty! what can be said of it? what is it? I look around, to see some object specially beautiful, on which to expend my panegyrics. There is the deep fathomless azure above me; there is the sea, the wild, open, careering ocean; there is that bright clear eye which ever lights my solitude; there is a fair girl, a beautiful boy; there are the stars looking down from heaven; there is beauty in the human countenance, beauty in looks, beauty in thoughts, beauty in actions. What shall I say! I am bewildered; beauty overwhelms me. I am dumb, who would emulate the oratory of an archangel. I am lost in the magnitude of my theme…

–T.C. Henley, “Beauty,” 1851

One thing I have asked from the LORD, that I shall seek: That I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, To behold the beauty of the LORD And to meditate in His temple.

— Psalm 27:4




4 thoughts on “A hungry spider, a WIP, and other things…

  1. Beautiful birds, and buildings. I’m not so sure about the “stinkbug”, but it’s best he goes that way instead of flying around the house.

    Great photographs. Keep it up!

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