Texas House

I finished this in one week.  It was not as difficult as I was anticipating.  Because of its size (8×10), I was able to scan it and get closer to the original.  Now, on to number six, next week.

Corpus Christi wip 3b

There’s never a sky that shelters us
Like the one that glows above
The broad gray roof that is covering those
Of the blood and the name we love.
There’s never a pleasant, sunlit road
In all the ways we roam
Like the little, narrow, familiar street
That runs by the door of home.

~Esther M. Clark Hill




6 thoughts on “Texas House

  1. Wow! Ginny, How beautiful your final picture is! This lady is going to be blown away by all the different houses! I can tell you must be having a lot of fun once you get over the worry of how it is going to turn out! Enjoy the last one and hope it goes as quickly as this one did…. I’d like to see the video of her seeing them for the first time! Definitely a Work of Art! Bonnie >

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