Winter in Virginia

I believe this one is finished.  I was listening to my audio book, Washington, A Life, while finishing up the painting and it was strange.  I was painting a colonial-type house while General Washington was getting back to Mount Vernon after The War.  It was quite an experience.

Roosevelt Road wip 3

And, now, even though it is cold (in the 20’s), the sun is shining here in my own little Mount Vernon and it appears that spring is imminent.  Let us hope that it is so.

I know it seems like I am always reading something new.  Well, I tend to read several books at one time.  I am also reading a collection of short stories by Dorothy Canfield, who is more famous to me for writing Understood Betsy.  You can find many of her books at Project Gutenberg, if you are interested.  She writes folksy, compassionate, lovely stories which are very funny, poignant, and interesting.  I have some analog books of hers and many kindle books, but none of her audio books, as of yet.  I must say that audio books are very handy.  I can put one of them on and carry it around with me doing all sorts of things.


Here is a nifty little quote about an old man who did not give in when everyone wanted him to move into town and be taken care of:

“…And there he stuck year after year, with the whole town plaguing at him to quit.  And he earned his own living, and chopped his own wood, and kept himself and the house just as decent, and never got queer and frowzy and half-cracked, but stayed just like anybody, as nice an old man as ever you saw — all alone, all stark alone — beholden to nobody — asking no odds of anybody — yes, sir, and died with his boots on, at ninety-three, on a kitchen floor you could have et off of, ’twas so clean.”

— Dorothy Canfield “Old Man Warner”

(I am not saying that no-one should ever “move into town and be taken care of”, this is his story…)





8 thoughts on “Winter in Virginia

  1. Great house !

    And very appropriate to be finishing while listening to GW.

    Any more houses left to do ?
    I can’t keep track.

    Love you, Sweet Girl.

  2. Ginny that old guy in your story …you could reach out and just touch his face and feel skin…you couldn’t have painted that picture so life like? how’d you do it!? Such a beautiful picture of an old man…love your Dorothy Canfield story to go with it! You are amazing….where did this talent come from? Seems you didn’t have any duds turn out first…you just walked in there and started painting and everything turns to gold!….all of your work is so beautiful! >

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