Mr. Beloved took a week off and we went around to some local bodies of water and tried a little fishing. We did no catching, however. Like Mr. Beloved has said, many times, “Fishing and catching are two different things.” The fish we left behind are much fatter, though. LOL!

First we went to Knox Lake:

Sunrise at Knox Lake

Then we took a walk around the Clear Fork Reservoir to scope out fishing spots:

Mr. Beloved and the dog/horse
The park areas around Clear Fork were very well maintained and just beautiful.
We were there in the evening and it was so lovely.
These photos were taken with my phone. It is much prettier in person.

The next morning, at sunrise, we went back to Clear Fork to fish:

Misty sunrise at Clear Fork Reservoir.

And, today, we went to Kokosing Lake:

Good morning.
Well, pardon us for being in your way!
Finally, they left and we could cast our lines.
It was a lovely day for sitting and watching our bobbers in the still waters.

I have a video from each of our fishing trips and they are taking forever to upload. Maybe by the time you see this, they will have uploaded. You can check them out on my youtube channel .

Oh, art! Yes, I have something to share:

Soft pastels on velour paper.

“I thought maybe I could become like the next Van Gogh. I bought a sunflower and painted it, and it looked like the work of a 6-year-old.” — Takeshi Kitano

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