First Oil Portrait

Well, I bit the bullet and did an oil portrait. I know it is really bad, but I am very happy with how it turned out, because, for some reason, oil paints are very difficult for me. I need to use them regularly and after a time I am pretty sure I will get used to them.

This first photo is my initial underpainting using burn umber and white with solvent and medium. I learned that mixing a lot of white with earth pigments makes grey. LOL!

I also learned, from fellow artists, that the above was not a finished underpainting. I thought it was, but after doing another layer on the underpainting, I must confess that they were right. This layer is done with burnt umber and white with no solvent or medium, just right out of the tube.

After that layer dried, I applied color. I am still learning how to make skin tones, how to add medium, how to blend, how to shade. I guess we can say I am still learning how to paint with oils. LOL!

I like it. I do hope that I will improve greatly, however. I am pretty excited to have finished my first oil portrait (even if she is a little strange looking…) YIPPEE!

“When I paint a person, his enemies always find the portrait a good likeness.” — Edvard Munch

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