Head Study in Oils

I am in the process of getting a feel for oil paints. So many people say that oil paints are so easy and forgiving. I just seem to make a gloppy mess with them. I am hoping that just painting as much and as often as possible will help me learn how to deal with it. So, here is a study. An artist that I like to watch on youtube said to do monochromatic studies while getting used to oils, so I am trying. I must say that it is helping quite a bit with the values. If anyone saw my “first oil portrait”, you will see what I mean. LOL! Also, something that I did with this one that I did not do with that first one was that I drew the picture on the canvas with a pencil before putting paint on. That first one was “drawn” with paint. Not a good idea for my first…

“Sculpture is the best comment that a painter can make on painting.” — Pablo Picasso

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