1964 Rambler Ambassador

This picture is pastels on ingris paper. I did it to accompany a story that I wrote:

Catie Washes the Car

When you wanna be somebody, you drive a new car. When you know who you are, you drive an old car. — Unknown.

One thought on “1964 Rambler Ambassador

  1. This comment was left on the wrong post and I was given permission by the commenter to move it to this post:

    The story of “Catie Washes the Car” which in all accounts was indeed a truthful event which was very constructively embellished to be a very interesting piece of art work. How could I not love this story which brings back found memories with my baby girl who was becoming an outstanding young lady with talents yet To be discovered. This story is recommended for all to read and a special consideration to fathers who had the great Godly privilege of having a daughter in their life to love them enough to remember such things as this memory, such as I have. To my daughter who I love very much the old 1964 Rambler was a nucleus of our combined attention and love. The Rambler lived a long and honorable life and traveled many places after this event meeting it’s end with the family as a trade-in for a new car which lacked the class and beauty of the 1964 Rambler Ambassador. Read it and the painting she did of it is exactly how I remember it. You will love this story!

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